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Khun Nang demonstrating white belt

The art.

Our system follows exactly the same as the Shogun Ju-Jitsu International (SJJI) syllabus which is the original traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu art, with one extra additional feature which is explained later below.

Traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu is the original martial art (not to be confused with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which is basically another form of Judo mainly using ground work, grappling), many other martial arts such as Judo, Aikido and Karate have branched out from Ju-Jitsu to make their own style later. Hence Traditional Ju-Jitsu is the best self-defense martial art to learn as it covers all areas, which are as follows:

Blocking and striking, locks, throws and ground work.

The only difference with Thai Ju-Jitsu we are able to do all the above correctly but also concentrate more on the striking techniques such as punches, kicks, knees and elbows, making them perfect as the Thai martial art Muay Thai (Thai kick boxing) is Thailand’s expertise, meaning we can take advantage of this here in Thailand allowing us also to pass this on to other clubs within the SJJI organization.

Everyone is welcome to join us, adults and children, male or female, no experience or experienced, any other members of the SJJI of all grades are always welcome to visit us and train with us here in Thailand, Senior grades can also pass on their skills and technique methods to our students. Accommodation, Apartments and Villas  are available  through our own property holiday letting company Krabi Villa. Please contact us for discounts.


Training with us has many benefits:

You will gain fitness and strength.

You will be able to defend yourself in any dangerous situations.

You will be able to defend others if needed.

You will be more confident and secure.

You will make new good friends.

You will be happier.

Join Us

Everyone is welcome to train with us, male or female, no experience or experienced, for long periods or short periods, every little move helps.

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